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Brand Loyalty Does Not Go To Infinity

If you are building your own brand, promoting your own product or working to establish your brand’s presence in the marketplace LISTEN UP. There is a popular brand name making a HUGE mistake in its approach to maintaining long-term relationships with its customer base. Brand loyalty has everything to do with leadership development, especially as it pertains to managing your customer’s expectations. Watch this video and learn 3 things you MUST do to ensure brand loyalty and to turn customers into raving fans.

Super Bowl XLIV For Entrepreneurs

WOW! What a great game…if you missed Super Bowl XVIV, you not only missed an epic match up of two great teams–Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints–but a fantastic trove of leadership development lessons and business takeaways. Check out this video and see what I mean…

Leadership Development Lessons From Waldo

Military aviators live by the values of leadership development. Whether soaring at the speed of sound at 30,000 ft, or stalking enemy submarines at a couple hundred feet off the surface of the ocean, leadership is the lifeblood of military aviation. Watch this video and see what I learned from F-16 pilot, author, and entrepreneur Rob “Waldo” Waldman. Great insight for every serious entrepreneur. As Waldo says, “Push It UP!!!”

Check out what happened to me and my family when we flew Southwest Airlines on our way home from Maui. CEO Gary C. Kelly sets the bar high by sharing his vision with every employee and customer. Every entrepreneur series about success needs to see this…