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Why Conformity Sucks

It is interesting to me how we as humans adapt to almost any environment in which we submerse ourselves. If it’s cold outside, we bundle up; if it is hot, we minimize our clothing and don a pair of shades. It seems we take pride in our ability to adapt. But could that ability or, more specifically the pride in that ability, cause us to settle for so much less than we deserve?

Tony Robbins, one of the greatest thinkers and motivators of our time, talks about six basic human needs. Two of those six needs are Certainty and Uncertainty. The concept here is that our Creator (please feel free to insert your belief here) installed in each of us conflicting needs to create variety and to allow us to find our own path in life.

Certainty is a basic need of all humans; it creates comfort, stability, and predictability in the process of life.

Uncertainty provides variety and allows us to grow. It keeps us from being bored. Uncertainty requires us to escape the comfort of guaranteed outcomes, and places the onus directly on us to make (or break) our own future.

And of the six basic needs Tony Robbins teaches, these two have perhaps the most profound affect on whether or not a person will reap great dividends from exhibiting the courage and adventure of the modern day entrepreneur.

I talk to several people each week who are looking for a better life, a way out, and an escape from the grind that makes up their everyday existence. These are the entrepreneurs. The big thinkers. They are leaders.

They are very certain about one thing: They are not content to toil long hours in dead end jobs that bring them little or no satisfaction.

They cannot bear a day (let alone 5 in a row every week) of being surrounded by complaining co-workers who spend more time finding ways to create short cuts than actually putting forth the effort to do the job right.

Most of all, they refuse—flat out refuse—to be paid anything less than an amount THEY dictate to be what they deserve (try going into your boss’s office and explaining to them that you want a 100, 150, or 200% jump in pay because you believe you are worth it!). In short, they are psychologically unemployable.

They enthusiastically pursue the Uncertainty of entrepreneurship because they believe that they deserve a great life.

These are the “5%’ers”; the top 5% of society who strives for a better financial life for themselves and their families. And what about the remaining 95%?

Sadly, they are all “adaptors”, those who will eventually wake up someday, most likely too late, to a boring, unfulfilling and below-average life. They have fallen into the sleepy lull of “accepting what they get”.

Absent is the satisfaction. Satisfaction of doing something they are passionate about. Satisfaction in knowing they are doing something REAL, which will ultimately pay HUGE dividends in the future.

They are so determined to have Certainty in their lives that they are willing to wait until Uncertainty knocks at their doorstep and forces their hand to make a change.

And by then, it could be too late.

The average person, particularly in America, is content to grind out 40 or more hours per week (a number that rises every year). These are the same people who hope beyond all stressed-out hope that a pension will be there when they retire; that they will be “taken care of”.

They want to be shepherded; they want to be led, even at the expense of never truly being prosperous or happy.

So why do that; why be part of the herd? Why adapt to a “comfortable” environment? Why not evacuate that existence for a better one? Why not create Uncertainty in your life?

I ask people that same question every time they call me for advice, or when they show interest in my business. I can only say that I remember how that felt; that I used to have those fears and stressors, and now I am a better, happier and more fulfilled person for pushing out and away from my comfort zone and jumping feet first into the uncertain waters of free enterprise.

What kind of “certainty” kept me going when the going got tough? I had the certainty that I was growing in the right direction, in the direction of my goals and dreams, and ultimately my “why”.

Was it initially scary? You bet! Was there Uncertainty? Absolutely.

But as with any situation involving risk, there have been huge rewards. And those rewards, that continue to flow to me and my family in an abundant deluge, have made me never forget, and never miss, the days of being an employee.

Being the master of my own destiny, setting the course of my own abundant future and being accountable to myself has been the most liberating and empowering cause I could have ever championed.

I encourage everyone to make a committed effort to do the same. Step outside your Certainty; promise yourself the life you deserve. Formulate a plan of action, and then DO IT. You will thank yourself in the very near future.


4 Steps To Better Results In Building A Business

I hear a lot of entrepreneurs—both new and seasoned—complain that they are not getting the results they are looking for in their business. The first question I ask is, “What is it you are looking for?” The answers vary depending on the person.
“More sales…” is a pretty typical response or, “more cash-flow”; “better conversions” and “more traffic to my site.”
Wow. Does any of this sound familiar? If you are extremely successful, you can probably see the problem right off the bat.
My response to this? “You are too results-oriented.”
You are probably saying to yourself, “Yeah JT, isn’t that the point?” “Shouldn’t we be focused on the bottom line, on making the sales and converting leads into prospects; prospects in to new clients?”
My answer is a flat-out “No.”
The great Zig Ziglar points out that the key to getting anything you want out of business, out of life is to give people what they want.
You see, when you focus on the result, you are putting your own needs first. When you do this, you give off a vibe that you are only in it for the money (the end result). You present a posture of self-service and greed.
People are not stupid. They will be able to see straight through you when you are focused on the results. In the end, you will come off as desperate, whether you know you are doing it or not. And nobody wants to work with a desperate person.
So how do you overcome a results-oriented mindset?
First, focus on a ‘service-first’ mentality. Ask yourself these critical questions: “What do I have to offer my audience that will be beneficial to them?” By audience I am referring to your leads, customer base, clients and potential business partners.
Second, ask yourself, “What is it that people want? Am I providing that…and if not, how can I provide it?” It is a complex question, I know. But until you deeply examine that question, you will be chasing people all over the marketplace, rather than having them come to you.
Don’t be a hunter; be a fisher. Imagine being ‘hunted’. Most creatures that are hunted are running for their lives. Would YOU want to be hunted? Didn’t think so. Now consider fishing. A fisherman places his or her bait (offer) out for the desired target (client) to come willingly to, and consume. Sounds much better for both sides, right? (Yeah, I know…in fishing, the fish loses in the end, but it is a metaphor so just play along!).
After you ascertain what your audience wants, ask “How can I assist others to get what they want?” Ah…now you are on to something. Do you see how you are now refocusing your energy away from the ‘result’? Instead of obsessing over making the sale or closing the deal, you are now on a journey of finding how you can be of assistance. You are exploring how you can be a solution to a person’s challenges. You are acting as a leader and putting their needs first.
Instead of focusing on the result, you are now focusing on the journey. You are not only assisting others, but you are learning about them, and learning about yourself as well. You are transforming yourself from hunter to provider. You are establishing trust and building relationships.
By programming your mind to focus on the steps required to add value, and by concentrating on your clientele and their desires, you quickly center your focus on what is important: ‘service first’ thinking. And as you do, you will find your life flooded with an abundance of the ‘results’ you desperately sought in the first place.
Finally, give this gift of wisdom to the people that follow you. NOW you are starting to really make a difference, because not only have you changed yourself for the better, but now you are empowering your team with the same values and skills so that THEY can replicate the same success and begin to achieve their own desired results.
Give people what they want, and you’ll get everything you desire. It is that simple.
See you in the next post…

The World’s Greatest Marketing Trainer: Dr. Seuss

I just got back from an absolutely amazing marketing training event in Dallas, Texas. It was a great opportunity to mingle with fellow entrepreneurs, formulate and discuss business plans, and learn some cutting edge marketing techniques.

Now, if you ever go to a company training event, and don’t come out psyched to build your business, then there is either something wrong with the company or with you. But when you have the rare experience of walking out and feeling armed to the gills with powerful tools and techniques to actually create growth, make sales, and build your team, consider yourself very fortunate.

I felt very fortunate as a result of attending this event.
But of all the in-depth marketing training I received this weekend, one teaching point stuck out as being tremendously powerful. We received and studied a book that I have read and reread before. And after we broke it down as a group and found the message, I was inspired to share the message with you. You deserve to hear this. Ready for the book title?

Green Eggs And Ham, by Dr. Seuss.

That is right. If you have never read it, get it on, then follow along with me as I share the lessons I learned in Dallas.
The book’s main character is Sam-I-Am. He is tenacious, passionate, and focused on sharing the joy of eating the book’s namesake with a nameless secondary character.

There are 14 points where Sam tries to demonstrate how fantastic his offer is. Sam offers green eggs and ham to the close-minded grump in places and situations like “here or there”, or “with a goat or with a fox” and “on a train and in the rain”.

Every time the curmudgeon scoffs at the offer, our spirited hero reminds him that “you will like it, you will see”. But despite being blasted with negativity, and against the closed-mind of a person whom Sam knows without a doubt will benefit from green eggs and ham, Sam persists…

…And in the end, Sam-I-Am triumphs.

But so does the grumpy co-star. You see, because of Sam’s unwavering belief in his offer, because of his passionate pursuit of helping others, and because Sam believes in himself and marches undaunted toward success, Sam “makes the sale”. He “closes the deal”. He gets the grump to “join him”.

How many prospecting calls do YOU make to build your business? Please do not tell me you are one of the many struggling “entrepreneurs” who continue to build someone else’s brand by hiding behind a cookie-cutter marketing system that “does all the calling for you”.

Don’t worry; I used to have the same system. I paid my monthly “subscription fee”, thereby giving someone else even more money for the privilege of building their brand and name. All while making NO sales.

Then I got tenacious.

I saw the power of my “green eggs and ham” and rediscovered the belief in my business, in my products, and in myself.

And now, I train my team to do the same, to make money the way entrepreneurs do it: by prospecting. By getting on the phone and having a true human-to-human interaction. And when I do, the people on the other end of the line respect the relationship I have built with them, and see the value of my “green eggs and ham”.

What a concept.

Get Green Eggs And Ham today, right now. Read it and see what it takes to be successful in any business; network marketing, direct sales, real estate or any other free enterprise opportunity.
Thank you, thank you Sam-I-AM!

What Is The Price Of Your Dreams?

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Game Plan For Home Based Business Results

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