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Your Big, Great Idea: DO IT NOW

One fear I encounter in my small business coaching clients is the fear of their ideas being stolen. Maybe you can relate. There you are, with a great idea that you swear you’ll get to when “the timing is better”, then you soon discover that your great idea has been implemented by someone else!

That awesome invention, the book that teaches people something cool, or a better way of doing something that improves people’s lives; we’ve all had them, not acted on them, and they seen the manifestation of the idea on TV or in the stores and thought, “I FRIGGIN‘ THOUGHT OF THAT!”??

Maddening, no?

Well, it gets worse.

You see, only YOU can create your Vision; only you can make that amazing idea what it truly can and should be. Even if someone rips you off or imitates your idea (happens to me all the time), no one else can create, duplicate or do it better than you. This is a big issue that even proven companies struggle with, and why I focus on it in my business consulting service.

So why is that important?

Because the world needs your Vision. The world deserves your version of those brilliant ideas. There is only one ‘you’ in the world, and the way you interface with it makes your ideas and contributions special.

But there’s more.

The saying “an idea whose time has come” is so true; eventually, brilliance rises to the surface. It begs for a conduit to birth it into the world. So why not you? Why not let it be YOU who brings it out?

There is no nobility in humbly placing your dreams on the shelf, so get moving and share your gift with the world. Even if you’re not ‘ready’. Even if you’re not sure. Even if it seems like a silly idea, a foolish concept, or something that others may laugh at (kind of like the personal computer and cell phone were at the point of conception). Even if you fall on your face in the first few attempts, be the one who brings it to the world.

Do it today. The world is waiting, but the brilliance won’t.

Steve Jobs and his impact on our world

Wednesday, October 5, 2011 the world bid farewell to one of its innovating leaders, Steve Jobs. Whether you are a “Mac person” or not, it is hard to step outside the rays f light cast by Steve and his amazing innovations. Calling him simply an “Apple co-founder” or “CEO of Pixar Animation” does no justice to the impact he has made on our lives. To collect a list of the innovations he birthed in his 56 years of life on Earth would be a travesty to the impact he made on countless people who never held an iPod or iPhone in their hands.

Steve Jobs was much more than a leader of the tech world, he was a leader of the real world. He was much more than a man with a Vision, he was a Visionary. There will never be another Steve Jobs in the world, ever. But the kind of genius he exuded, the Vision he developed and shared with the world and the passion he had for a life well-lived exists in all of us. Right now.

Below, I embedded a video of the commencement speech he gave at Stanford University. I first saw it in 2008 when I was going through a particularly tough time in life. To me, his message was–and still is–so powerful because he nails down the TRUE essence of life. It’s not about making money, accumulating “stuff” or having hordes adoring fans, it is about happiness.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. Everything else is secondary.”
~ Steve Jobs

Thank you, Steve. While you are already dearly missed, your legacy and influence live on for eternity.

Overcoming Burnout in Business and Life

Burnout happens to the best and the brightest achievers. Entrepreneurs are especially susceptible because of the constant demands on our time, talents and focus. Business consulting services often focus on the symptom instead of the solution. Check out this video clip from an interview I did on Boise’s KTVB news and get a sneak peek into the small business coaching I do for my clients. Whether you are a solo-preneur or a top executive in a Fortune 500 company, burnout and loss of focus can happen to anyone. Watch this clip for three tips you can use right now to stay on top of your game.

How entrepreneurs and High-Altitude people make a difference

Are you making a difference in the world? Entrepreneurs, business leaders, artists, authors, speakers, athletes–the kinds of people I serve in my business consulting services–tend to be the difference makers of the world we live in. It doesn’t take a huge victory to impact the world; it just takes a little effort and commitment. Watch this short video where I share a story about a combat mission I flew over Afghanistan to reinforce a principle of focus in my small business coaching practice and see how you can relate to the message. I look forward to your comments!

How to turn 4 minutes into millions

blue angels How to turn 4 minutes into millions

When I left the US Navy in September of 2008, I walked away from a childhood dream.

Ever since I was a kid, all I wanted to was to fly in the Blue Angels. At the age of 16, I was at an air show in Boise, Idaho and I was invited to go “backstage” with the Blues after one of their demonstrations. The lead pilot, Commander Gil Rud, made it a point to come straight up to me and thank me for being at his show.

He thanked me.

Why would he thank me? After all, I was the kid that grew up hearing from seemingly every person in my life that I was “not cut out for flying”, that my dream of becoming a Naval Aviator was a fantasy, and that I should be “more realistic” in my desires for my life.

But Commander Rud changed that. For four minutes, he talked directly to me. Didn’t look way for one second. Listened to me, soaked in my enthusiasm, and told me that one day I’d wear the Wings of Gold that only Naval Aviators earn.

And he was right.

I tell you this story because that short conversation was more than just a “pump up” speech. It was more than an autograph session and a way to get closer to a hero. It provided so much more.

It provided hope. It provided inspiration. It set the example.

When I flew to air shows, or even stopped to pump gas after a long day of flying, I would sometimes get asked by mothers and fathers if I would say hello to their sons or daughters. Those kids, they’d say, “dream of growing up to fly just like you do”. It was the best part of my job.

Today, I take my message of mission accomplishment and use it as a vehicle to help people feel like I felt that spring afternoon of my 16th year. My mission these days is to turn four minutes into millions. Not just in money; but in dreams. And I don’t mean dreams in some sort of “woo-woo” sense. I mean your TRUE calling–your mission.

I hope you take the opportunities in life to be inspired by people you look to for such energy. I hope that you take the opportunities to inspire others. You have that ability every single day just by deciding to be excellent in all you do. And when you do, you set the tone for the future of not only the people you touch, but also the tone you set for yourself.

Inspire someone or be inspired by someone today. The four minutes you spend doing so can turn into millions.


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