Check out this passage from Steve Siebold, mental toughness expert and one of my favorite speakers:

“Mental toughness allows you to live life on your terms. When you’re laser focused on sucking the marrow out of life and you’re tough enough to endure the critics who scorn you, you’re going to get what you want eventually. Whether you wish to become a millionaire, raise a phenomenal family or discover a cure for cancer, mental toughness is the answer. Motivation and positive thinking are a good start, but they’re insufficient for world-class success. Because the minute you begin to transcend the boundaries of the middle-class mindset, you’ll be attacked for the attempt. They’ll discourage you for trying and laugh at you for believing. They’ll tell you you’re unrealistic and your dream is foolish. The only thing that will save you is mental toughness. It’s when you finally realize you can have or do anything if you’re willing to overcome the addiction to caring about what other people think.”

Steve Siebold, author, 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class

Why did I share this with you today? Well, there are a lot of reasons.

First, Steve is right. Not only is he right, but his message is SO important, because the study of mental toughness is not highlighted enough in today’s society. Most success or business training focuses on boosting the bottom line. How can you boost sales? How can you increase revenue? How can you best analyze business or financial opportunities?

The key to any measure success in ANY endeavor is mental toughness.

Most people think mental toughness is saved only for discussions of feats of incredible achievement: winning championships, climbing Mt. Everest, overcoming overwhelming injury or illness, etc.

But where Steve has it right is in pointing out that mental toughness dictates the course of any endeavor in life: marriage, parenthood, weight loss, education…even something as simple as plain happiness. With it, you are nearly guaranteed success. Without it, you are assured to fail

Business and wealth creation are tremendously dependent on mental toughness. I have met a lot of successful people in the ares of business and wealth, and ALL of them are mentally tough.

My charge to you is to begin focusing on your own mental toughness. Reflect on how you have handled adversity in the past, and how you handle it now.

Ask yourself a few questions:
-How do I respond to adversity when I am happy and excited about life?
-How do I respond to adversity when I am down, tired, hungry, discouraged?
-What is my first mental response to a setback? Is it one of excitement for the challenge, or one of frustration or fear?
-How to I view others who are mentally tough? (Do you even recognize it when you see it?)
-Do I see MYSELF has mentally tough?

Ask these types of questions, come back to this blog often, and definitely get Steve Siebold’s book 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class.

Be World-Class Today!

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